Paper Sculpture

Paper Sculpture


Overarching Concept and Theme:

Paper Installation, understanding of repetition, and interacting with the environment.


  • Students will gain an understanding of installation art through the construction and investigation of artist that use installation art. (Tara Donovan, Sandy Skoglund)

  • Students will use and understand the principle of Repetition.

  • Students will construct a final project using multiple identical pieces of folded paper.

  • Students will investigate and use origami and gain an understanding of its connection to engineering.


  • Origami Paper

  • Copy Paper

  • Sticky Dots


  1. Have the students watch the video of Robert Langs: Fold Way-New Origami  TED Talks Artistry and Illusion Ep6  .

  2. Show them works by Tara Donovan and Sandy Skoglund

  3. Have the students research multiple origami and folded paper object.

    1. Have the students make 20 different objects

    2. Have them choose the most aesthetically pleasing of the of the group three or four.

    3. Have them draw a final sculpture using at least 30 to 50 of the selected object.

  4. Have the students build 30 to 50 of the selected origami objects and construct the image they made in the preliminary drawing.

    1. Students need to use a color scheme

    2. Some of the more complex shapes need only 20 or so just gauge on what works for the composition.

  5. Have the students consider how and where they will install the objects