4th Grade Radial Designs

Heritage ES


“All children are artists. The problem is how to remain

one once they grow up.”  by Pablo Picasso

Welcome to the Heritage Art Site for the 2014/15 school year! My name is Linda Murphey and I will be doing lots of fun projects with your children this year. This is my seventh year to teach art at Heritage and my sixteenth year as a teacher. I look forward to working with your children and hope to foster a love for the arts in your child.


FullSizeRender[12]IMG_0014 copy

Some Van Gogh inspired pumpkin drawings by 2nd grade students and drew Native Americans in honor of Thanksgiving.


Third graders welcomed in fall using a wet on wet technique to watercolor some leaf pictures.


Fourth grade made pumpkins using oil pastels and also drew Indian Corn using crayon and black marker.


Fifth Grade did One Point Perspective hallways in colored pencil  and then did perspective Spooky Paths in oil pastel.

This year we will be doing lots of fun things. This blog is in testing stage.

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