Arbor Creek MS

Welcome to the ACMS Art Program! Below you will find a description of the program. Please encourage your son or daughter to bring home and talk about their artwork. Ask them to explain what they learned in its creation. Discuss the artwork around you with your child. It will support what we are doing in class.

Major Concepts & Content: The art program is designed to give the student a positive experience exploring their own creativity within certain areas of study. The content of the course will include, but not be limited to:
• the use of tools and materials
• perception and observation
• critical thinking and analysis
• imagery and visual language
• two- and three-dimensional media
• careers in art

Major Units: Production activities include sketching, drawing, painting, sculpting, clay, and assemblage.

Zachary Vivian Vivian 4 Vivian 3 Vivian 2 Tori Reagan Matt Makenna Lynn Lissette Lisa Lauren Lauren 2 Kathy Jennifer Corin Claire Camryn Callie Brielle Brielle 2 Brandon Amber


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