The Scream 5th grade painting lesson

The Scream

EQ: Where do artists get ideas?

“The Scream”

OBJ: I will create self -reflective painting using my understanding of historical and cultural artwork.


1.     Discuss how a professor from a college in Texas studies famous artworks and their relation to what was happening in our world at the same time. He found that Krakatoa had erupted about the same time that Edvard Munch painted  “The Scream” therefore wondering if the painting is about the artist in Norway scared of the sky turning red and now knowing why? News traveled slower then. DId historically we misunderstand this painting? Or not?

2.   Discuss:   Can we look at historical paintings with a new understanding?

3.     Show power point ( I will upload soon)

4.     Discuss how “The Scream” is integrated in our pop culture.

    a. What famous artworks or artists do you already know?

    b. Where have you seen something that looks like this painting?

Students know this image from the movie “Scream”, the famous Halloween masks, it has also been on the Simpsons, Anamaniacs and sometimes appears on candy wrappers near Halloween.

    c.  Show students a globe where Krakatoa is and how far Norway

            and New york are.

    d. Discuss how news traveled much slower.

    E.  Would you be scared if the sky suddenly turned bright red and full of ash and you didn’t know why?

    F. What scares you?

5.     Discuss how in we typically see a piece of artwork and think we know why the artist painted it, but if we investigate we may find other connections and form new meanings.

6.     What story can your “Scream” tell?

7.     The learner will reflect on what “scares them”, it can be anything from homework, rats, flying saucers, donuts, bugs, etc.

8.     The learner will create their own version of  “The Scream” using the basic background and foreground