Art 1- Genuardi

Art I

Course Description: This studio course is designed to develop each student’s individual art skills, introduce and develop various linear and tonal techniques, and explore various forms of visual expression with 2& 3 dimensional media. The elements of art, line, value, shape & form, texture, space and color will be the framework for investigation.


First 9 weeks


Introduction to Visual Art, What is Visual Art?

Introduction to the Elements and Principles of Art

Introduction to Art Criticism

Basics of Design- focusing  on Asymmetrical Balance 2-D and 3-D Paper Project- focus on focal points and rhythm

Drawing techniques- Value, shading , contour and simulating textures with drawing media- Organic and Manmade object studies, zoom-in drawing, Still-life contour, negative space and charcoal value drawing

Color schemes with colored pencil techniques

Perspective drawing- 1pt.,2pt. and 3pt., concentrating on projects that focus on spatial depth techniques.

Portraiture practice focusing on proportions and also as introduction to working with an artists style.


Second 9 weeks


Ceramics- introduction to vocabulary and processes- coiling, slab, pinch pot, etc. – functional and sculptural work

Painting- watercolor techniques, wax resist , mixed media collage

Printmaking- mono prints  usually incorporated into mixed media pieces

Tempera- focusing on tints and shades, color mixing, color scheme paintings  Acrylic- Art History research based in the style of an artist

Group project- focusing on Art Careers, Advertising, package design, product design and presentations.