Sculpture & Ceramics


Sculpture 2,3,4 & AP 3-D 

This course introduces students to three-dimensional thinking and creating.

A variety of media will be used such as wire, plaster, cardboard, and clay.


We will explore various types of sculpture working with lines, planes, casting forms, utilizing both additive and subtractive methods. Sculpture appreciation and terminology will be studied.


1st 9 Weeks

Introduction to 3-D Elements and Principles

Paper Shadow Project and Introduction to Photographing work

Clay- Abstract Natural Form Project- utilizing pinch pots, modeling and coiling techniques.  The project also introduces students to the concept of creating maquettes and choosing one to enlarge for the final form.

Plaster- Casting and modeling from basic forms

Linear sculpture- wire or basket reed- mixed media bugs or Martin Puryear baskets

Multiples project- focusing on the concepts of modulated forms with rhythm


2nd 9 Weeks

Architectural Planes project- cardboard or wood

Portrait Busts- Clay or Paper Mache’

Altered book – Social Theme



Ceramics 2,3,4 & AP 3-D

Requirement for this course is Art I. Ceramics is recommended for students interested in intensive study of ceramic techniques and materials. Students are given a wide range of ceramic experiences such as hand-building (coil, pinch, and slab), surface decoration and glazing techniques, design, and throwing on the potter’s wheel. This course is recognized as a valuable background course for Sculpture, but not a prerequisite. Class Text- Experience Clay, Davis Publishing



1st 9 Weeks 

Introduction to clay- What is clay?  Terms, process rotations, etc.

Elements and Principles of Art relating to 3-D Art

Design- Initial Stamp

Texture Tile- incised, impressed and applied textures

Pinch Pot series- wide and thin, appendage attached, and join two pinch pots- exercise in uniformity

10”-12” Coil vessel- based upon a cultural vessel and uses sgrafitto or ornamental coils, uses an exterior or interior template

Slab project, planes- architectural forms


2nd 9 Weeks

Tea Set- teapot and two cups- functional or sculptural- hand built

Mixed media project- 50% clay and 50% added material

Extrusion Project- Self directed, utilizes 4 types of extruded forms

Series of 3 Project- Thrown pieces- rotating assignment due to limited wheels and large class sizes- bowls or mugs