Art 1-Preza

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Welcome to my Art 1 Curriculum page! Here you can find an outline of what we will be covering in Art 1. This is a rough outline and tends to change based on media availability, time constraints, and most importantly what my students want to learn and focus on. We DO hit a variety of media through a variety of projects!

9 Weeks #1

Week 1- Elements and Principles- Drawing and Design Skills

Week 2- Line, Shape, Space- Zentangles

Week 3- Value Study

Week 4: Pen/Pencil Techniques Still Life

Week 5: Color Wheels/Value with Color Media

Week 6: Oil Pastel

Week 7: Tempra/Acrylic Paint

Week 8: Watercolor

Week 9: Midterm Review- Brainstorm for 2nd 9 weeks projects


9 Weeks #2

Week 10- Shape to Form

Week 11- Clay

Week 12- Clay

Week 13- Clay/Paper Mache

Weeks 14-16 Paper Mache

Week 17- Final Project

Week 18- Finals