MHS Art II – Painting


These media will be part of the Art II – Painting experience.  The students will be exposed to the characteristics of each medium, with demonstrations and instruction on the proper use of each.  Proper vocabulary and terminology used with each medium will be presented.  Through the artistic process students will have multiple opportunities to use each medium, such as on technique practice, sketchbook, or on finished products.

  • Drawing media (pencils, colored pencils, ink, markers, etc. as needed to augment paintings)
  • Paint -
    • Watercolor
      • wet-on-wet
      • wet-on-dry
      • dry-on-dry
      • pull-a-bead
      • glazing
      • various other techniques
    • Gouache
    • Acrylic
      • 3 layer method
      • underglazing
      • scumbling
      • alla prima
      • watercolor effects
    • Oil
      • underpainting
      • glazing
      • blocking in
      • formal/informal brush strokes
    • Tempera


Techniques and skills from the Art 1 experience will be reviewed and continue to be used in Art II Painting.  They must be addressed and will relate to the lesson being taught.