MHS Art III & IV Painting


Marcus High School

Visual Arts Department

Painting III & IV Curriculum

Drafted: Fall 2013

PREREQUISITE: Art 1, Painting 2

Art 3 and 4 Painting are both advanced level painting courses that explore mark-making with intent and a sense of purpose for the individual marks. Painting skills and concepts will be further developed and refined.


These mediums must be used in the Painting III experience. Each experience with a different media should end with a finished and presentable work of art. Through the artistic process the students should get multiple opportunities to use a medium (for example: tech sheet, sketchbook assignment, or preliminary composition.)

  • Acrylic
  • Oil
  • Watercolor
  • Non-traditional materials (i.e. ink, wax, etc)


Techniques and Skills

Each of these techniques and skills must be covered in the Painting III experience. Any of the mediums may be used to teach a specific technique or skill. Keep in mind that some techniques and skills work better with different mediums (for example: acrylic with hard edge painting). Demonstration and understanding of these techniques and skills will be reflected in the student’s portfolio.


Texture Techniques

  • Underpainting
    • Glazing


  • Brushstroke manipulation
  • Use and understanding of oil mediums



Color Theories

  • Light source
  • Mixing VS Layering
  • Arbitrary VS Optical



  • Emphasis
  • Figure Ground Relationship
  • Manipulation of space… Overlapping, linear perspective, atmospheric perspective


Canvas Stretching

  • Building frame, stretching canvas, priming canvas
  • Craftsmanship


Mini Concentration

  • Produce a series of 3-4 works revolving around a singular theme/idea



The portfolio in Painting III is designed to show a student’s experience with the media, techniques and skills stated above. All of the specific projects below must be represented in the portfolio. Any medium or technique may be use to complete these projects. The students need to build a physical, digital or e-portfolio to represent the work completed in Painting II.

  • Watercolor Multiplication Chart
  • Movement piece
  • Photo transfer
  • Portrait
  • Still life
  • Gridded piece
  • An Interior painting