MHS Art III & IV Drawing

Drawing III & IV Curriculum

Marcus High School

Visual Arts Department

Drafted: Spring 2014

Art 3 and 4 Drawing are both advanced level art courses that continue to develop student abilities and technical skills, as well as learning to work with intent and purpose to create images. Students explore the Act of Markmaking.


 PREREQUISITE: Art 1, Drawing 2



The different media listed below will be used by each student in Drawing 3, either singly or in a multi-media combination. Each exploration with different media should result in a finished and presentation-ready work of art. Students will have multiple opportunities to use each medium (i.e.: technique sheet, sketchbook assignment, and/or preliminary sketches.)


  • Graphite
  • Charcoal
  • Pastels
  • Colored Pencils
  • Ink/ markers
  • Printmaking- monoprint/ reduction
  • Mixed Media
  • Electronic
  • Conte


Drawing 4:

  • Dry point etching
  • Silverpoint





It is the responsibility of each individual student, under the instructor’s guidance and with the feedback of fellow students, to develop and propose projects that use and showcase each technique and skill listed below. Any of the mediums may be used to learn a specific technique or skill.  The student’s End of Course Portfolio review content will include images that reflect understanding and skillful use of these concepts, techniques and media.



Aesthetic Decision Making: The Student Will:

·           Address the expressive qualities of content, meaning and metaphor in their self    chosen   :

                        * imagery/subject matter

* composition

* medium

* technique

* decisions


  • Rely upon personal experiences, interests and observations for concept development.
  • Responsibility for own artistic vision.
  • Distinguish between formal vs. narrative subject matters.
  • Revise personal artwork based on instructor and peer feedback as well as personal aesthetic decision making.
  • Think about, plan and create original and personally relevant compositions.
  • Actively participate in class critique and proposal/planning sessions by:

*Responding to artwork with appropriate art vocabulary

* Analyzing artwork for concept, technique and artistic merit,

during the proposal stage

*in process

*after completion





Manual Skills

Three quarter view (portraiture)

Miniature (magnification)

Time and movement



Drawing 4:

Decomposition of matter or imagery

Rembrandt lighting technique

Distortion of form (grid)





Composition Skills


Figure Ground Relationship

Manipulation of space…

Produce a series of 3-4 works revolving around

a singular theme/idea




The portfolio in Drawing 3 and Drawing 4 are designed to show a student’s experience with the media, techniques and skills stated above. All of the specific projects below must be represented in the portfolio. Any medium or technique may be use to complete these projects. The students need to build a physical, digital or e-portfolio to represent the work completed in Drawing 3 and Drawing 4.