HHS9 Art 1 Overview and Curriculum

In Art 1, all students are considered to be at the beginner or novice level and care will be taken to accommodate those with little to no skill in visual arts as well as those who are interested in pursuing art further at Hebron High School.  This is an overview class that will be covering the terms and techniques of four distinct areas of art.  Our semester is divided up into four different sections which are as follows:


Drawing and Design

  • Hatching/Crosshatching
  • One-Point Perspective
  • Charcoal
  • Advanced Colored Pencil Techniques
  • Abstract


  • Watercolor
  • Mixed Media
  • Tempera


  • Basic Ceramic Theory
  • Clay Masks


  • Bird Can
  • Paper


There are terms that are associated with every type of art in addition to the Elements and Principals of Art.  Students will be able to recognize and associate terms with artwork as well as general historical notes on famous artists.  Multiple choice tests and essays are used to determine student retention while all note sessions will be made available to students.