Ceramics III&IV

Flower Mound High School

Visual Arts Department

Ceramics III&IV Curriculum

Drafted: Spring 2014

Ceramics III & IV expands on the technical skills learned in Ceramics II. The introduction of new techniques and skills will add diversity to the student’s skill set and ability to execute ideas. Each experience with clay should end with the production of a finished piece. In ceramics III through the artistic process and the mastery of new techniques and skills, the students will begin to develop a personal voice in the medium of clay. In Ceramics IV students will focus on creating an independent body of work that speaks to their own personal voice in the media of clay.

Mediums & Tools

  • Simple molds plaster and Styrofoam
  • Calipers (Lids)
  • Alternative firing equipment (raku, pit firing)
  • Slip Casting (Ceramics IV)

Techniques and Skills

Each of these techniques and skills must be covered in the Ceramics III&IV experience. Demonstration and understanding of these techniques and skills will be reflected in the student’s portfolio. The development of concept and content should become evident in the work produced by the end of ceramics III. The work produced in ceramics IV should show a strong personal voice.


  • Press molds
  • Sprig molds
  • Bottles and Spouts
  • Lids (hand building and wheel thrown)
  • Closed forms ( pillows and cap jars)
  • Making your own tools  
  • Making 2 part molds (Ceramics IV)

Skills and Knowledge

  • Mixing plaster
    • Thixotropic
    • Viscosity and consistency
    • Making a sprig mold
      • Polymer clay
      • Coddle boards
      • Pouring and setting plaster
    • Making lids
      • Flange
      • Seat
      • Reading calipers
      • Interior and exterior measurements
    • Closing a form on the potters wheel
    • Constructing hand built necks and spouts  
    • Using power tools safely and properly to make your own tools
    • Sealing and finishing tools to last
    • Development of voice and personality in ceramic work
      • Building strong compositions
      • Merging technique and concept


The portfolio in Ceramics III is designed to show a student’s experience with the media, techniques and skills stated above. All of the specific projects below must be represented in the portfolio. Any medium or technique may be use to complete these projects. The students need to build a physical, digital or e-portfolio to represent the work completed in ceramics III&IV.

  • One press molded object
  • One sprig molded object
  • One lidded wheel thrown vessel
  • One lidded hand built vessel
  • A series of bottles or a vessel using a spout
  • One closed object (cap jar, pillow)
  • One hand made tool
  • A Series of pieces incorporating a concept