Hebron has a very structured painting program designed to take the beginning painter through the basic techniques at level 2 and advancing to higher concepts with level 3. This year levels 2 and 3 will be separate which will allow for more development of conceptual and mixed media projects at the upper level. As with all classes, these classes are designed to provide students with strong foundational skills for use in Advanced Placement Studio courses.

Painting 2

Citrus Painting (Watercolor still life)

Value scales

Black and white painting (grisaille)


Monochromatic Design

Color Relationship Painting

Texture Transfer Painting

Put Yourself in the Picture

Style over Substance (Mixed Media)

Tell Me a Story (Narrative)

Layers Painting

Cupcake (Homage to Theibaud)

Painting 3

Complementary Design Painting (Geometric)

Taped Painting (Texture, Color Mixing and Composition)

Opposites Diptych (Composition, Design, Color)

Distortion Painting (Dali, Magritte, Escher, Ernst)

Portrait with Words (Mixed Media)

Journey Painting (Mixed media)

Woven Painting (Choice of Media)

Figure (Acrylic from observation)

En Plein Air (Field Trip to Nature Center?)

Symbolic Painting (Days of our lives, group project on canvas tarps)