About me

About me:

Hi, I am an Artist, Wife, Mom, Gamer and Elementary Art Educator teaching at Donald Elementary, a sweet and wonderful school in Flower Mound, TX (outside of Dallas).

Info about Donald ES:

-Suburban elementary, average 460 students, K-5.

-4 day rotation, class periods are 50 minutes with 5 minutes in between. One 50 minute planning period per day.
-Philosophy :
 Integrated curriculum with student-driven choice. I love to demonstrate the connections between our world and art.
Focus is on artistic foundations: art history, studio techniques, creativity and imagination skills.
Student work is displayed in school halls, online, in the community to further educate the public of the importance of the arts in public education.
 Seamless, meaningful integration of technology. We’re talking iTunes University courses created by yours truly, Google Classroom, digital portfolios and research. Technology does not replace creating with clay, painting, observational drawing, weaving, printmaking, etc. It just makes the experience stronger.
4th-5th graders have personal iPad with access to a wide variety of technology and learning opportunities to meet 21st Century educational needs.
MAC lab-class set for entire school use
2 STEAM labs, with flexible learning environments to allow student driven collaboration.
Google Docs: used district-wide by staff and students to create and share documents.