MHS Art II – Photography


Inspirational moment in the photo lab.



Marcus High School

Visual Arts Department

Photography 2


Drafted:  Fall 2014



Photography 2 is a basic course in digital photography which will include a unit in b/w photography and analog darkroom techniques.  Emphasis will also be given to parts of a camera, modes, history of photography, iconic photographers/photographs, alternative photo methods and weekly photo challenges.

Terminology, Techniques and Skills

Parts of a camera:

Lens, view finder, body, shutter speed, aperature, image sensor, memory card, lcd screen, flash, user controls, battery, usb connector.


Automatic, portrait, macro, landscape, sports/action, night, aperature priority, shutter priority, program, manual.

History of Photography:

Joseph Niepce-first photo

Louis Daguerre-Daguerreotype

William Henry Fox-Calotype

Camera obscura

George Eastman

The brownie

35 mm

Edwin Land-polaroid camera

Steven Sasson-Digital

Nikon-2 meg. 1999

Digital SLR

Canon 2003 Rebel-1st affordable DSLR

Iconic Photographers/Photographs:

Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother”

Charles O’Rear’s “Bliss”

Dennis Stock’s “James Dean”

Joe Rosenthal’s “Flag Raising on Iwo Jima”

Charles Ebbets’ “Lunch atop a skyscraper”

Alfred Eisenstaedt’s “Sailor kissing Woman”

Alberto Korda’s “Che Guevara”

Sam Shere’s “Hindenburg”

Robert Jackson’s “Ruby shooting Oswald”

Arthur Sasse’s “Einstein”  (72nd Birthday)

Thomas Franklin’s “Flag raising at WTC”

Marmaduke Wetherell’s “Nessie”

Elliott Erwitt’s “Segregated Water Fountains”

Dr. J.W. Draper’s “First picture of the Moon”

Neil Leifer’s “Muhammed Ali-Sonny Liston” and “Muhammed Ali-Cleveland Williams”

Margaret Bourke-White’s “Mahatma Ghandi”

Harold (Doc) Edgerton’s “Bullet through Apple”

Alfred Stieglitz’s “The Steerage”

Richard Avedon’s “The American West” cover photo

Ansel Adams’ “Moon and Half Dome”

Joseph Niepce’s “View from this window at Gras”

Yousef Karsh’s “Georgia O’Keefe”

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “Place de l’Europe”

Carleton Watkins’ “The Three Brothers”

Diane Arbus’ “Identical Twins”

Louis Ducos du Hauron’s “Oldest known color photo”

Dan Farrell’s “The Final Salute”

Tourist Guy “Manipulated photo after 9/11”

Alternative Photo Methods:

Photo transfers, deconstruct/reconstruct, You Cube, Pin Hole Camera, Photograms

Photo Challenges:

Peer Portraits, elements and principles, photo alpha, forced perspectives, fruit/vegetable, architecture, compelling narrative, photojournalism, pets/animals, sports/action, botanicals, landscapes, macro, color still lifes, surrealism, senior portraits, stop motion, quote and idiom illustration, etc.


e-Portfolio and actual black binder portfolio.

Google site to store all final photos.