TCHS Sculpture Curriculum

The Colony High School

Visual Arts Department

Sculpture II, III



  • The Elements of Art

    • Line

      • Real and Implied

      • Contour and Gesture

    • Shape

      • Organic and Geometric

    • Form

      • Three dimensional space

    • Texture

      • Real and Implied

    • Space

      • size related to distance

      • Positive/ Negative

  • The Principals of Art

    • Balance

      • Symmetrical/Asymmetrical

      • Radial

    • Emphasis

      • Focal Point

    • Contrast

    • Rhythm

    • Repetition

    • Proportion/Scale

    • Figure/ Ground Relationship


Subject vs Content

Manipulation of materials

Mutation of organic vs geometric, realistic vs. fantasy, mechanical

Human Form (Portrait bust and body anatomy)


Additive Process

Subtractive Process

Kinetic vs freestanding

Installation (art in public space)

Subject vs Content

Environmental Art



The students will experience with the characteristics of each media and understand the proper use of the material. Students will be informed of proper vocabulary and terminology used with each medium. Through the artistic process the students should get multiple opportunities to use a medium.

  • Recyclable/Upcycling Materials

  • Found Objects

  • Mixed Media

  • Wire
  • Clay

  • Plaster

  • Paper Mache
  • Alabaster/Soap Stone

  • A variety of other materials (i.e. sculptie, fiber, different papers, so on)


The portfolio in Sculpture is designed to show a students  experience with the media, techniques and skills stated above. All of the specific projects below must be represented in the portfolio. Any medium or technique may be use to complete these projects. The students need to build a physical, digital or e-portfolio to represent the work completed in Sculpture II

Art History, Historical Cultural Context, Career/ Vocational Opportunities in the Arts

Art History and Historical Cultural Context.

  • Critique/ Evaluation of a work of art

  • Resources as to where to find art

  • Resources to careers in art

  • Understanding of art style(s)