Websites and Blogs

Adventures of an Art Teacher

Art Class Works

Arty Party!

Art Education Blog for K-12 Art Teachers

Artist Tool Kit – Interactive site for the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

Art is Basic– Art Teacher Blog

Art Project Girl

Art Projects for Kids

Art Smarts by Mrs. Wilkinson

Art Smarts 4 Kids

Art Teacher Blog

Art with Mr. E – Art teacher blog a great resource for art lesson plans, ideas and inspiration.

Art with Mrs. Crane - A Michigan art teacher who teaches at two different schools.

Art With Mrs. G! - Art teacher blog from Illinois who loves combining art projects with technology.

ART with Mrs. Smith

Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!

Artful Artsy Amy

Barbara’s Thought of the Day

Briargrove Elementary Art Page

Deep Space Sparkle Art Lessons for Kids

(the way cool) Donald Art Room

Dryden Art – Fugleblog

For the Love of Art

Fun Art 4 Kids

John Post - An art teacher by day and potter on the weekends.

K-5 Vocabulary Terms - Glossary of all terms with definitions

Kids Artists


Lines, Dots, and Doodles


Mess to Masterpiece

Mini Matisse

Miss Young’s Art Room

Mrs. Art Teacher!

Mrs. Brown’s Art Class – Hemenway Elementary

Mrs. Hansen’s Art Room

Mrs. Meggles Art Room - A travelling art teacher at a high school and two elementary schools in St. Louis, Missouri.

Mrs. Picasso’s Art Room - A blog run by a current art teacher full of inspirational, multicultural elementary lesson ideas and brightly colored step-by-step pictures.

Ms. Motta’s Mixed Media

National Gallery of Art

One Crayola Short - Art teacher blog a great resource for art lesson plans, ideas and inspiration.

Oodles of Art

Organized Chaos: voted the top blog on Art of Ed!


Paintbrush Rocket


Philip Norman Robbins - Do-it-yourself robots an interactive art project for all ages.

Quest Artists

Rhythms of His Heart


Sleepyhead Designs Studio

smART Class



that artist woman

The Elementary Art Room!

Teachers Pay Teachers - Art teachers share resources available for download, full unit and lesson plans, to PowerPoint presentations, teaching aides, and more.

The Art of Ed – The best elementary lesson plan websites, The Art of Ed posts daily, giving real-world advice on topics every art teacher deals with.

The Incredible Art Department - The long-running websites for art teachers.

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